jbdeboer (jbdeboer) wrote,

The Public Library

Among other, much more exciting things, I refilled my SFPL request queue over the weekend.

The first two books were available this morning, so I stopped by the library on the way to work and picked them up.

I finished the first one: 'The Millionaire Next Door' on the bus. Short synopsis: spend little, pick the right profession. Like most investment/life events books, it was targeted at aging baby-boomers who are concerned about retiring. The authors spend half the book making the point that cash handouts spoil adult children.

I was somewhat disgruntled by the assumption that everybody needs a house and car and the only investment goal is retirement (or maybe having an arbitrary number in your bank account). In general, I would not recommend the book.

But of course, the least popular books will be dequeued first; I have 252 people ahead of me for Unaccustomed Earth, so that better be good. To fill the queue, I am currently using the best sellers list from the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Globe and Mail and the Sunday Times. From each list I take the top fiction book and the top two non-fiction books -- more if they look interesting. I am also working my way through a couple people's reading lists.

I am open to other book lists if anybody has any suggestions.
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