jbdeboer (jbdeboer) wrote,

Five Days, Five Ways

Last week, I commuted to work every day, but took a different route each time.


I woke up too late to catch the 7:45 bus. Instead, I left my house at 7:53 and biked down to the train station to catch the 8:14 express to Mountain View. Work is only 2 miles from the Mountain View train station -- I rolled in while the pancakes at Moma were still hot.


Still working overtime, I caught the bloody-early 6:30 bus from my apartment. It arrived at work before breakfast even started serving. Who knew such a time existed.


I had intended to bike on Tuesday, although work got in the way, so I biked on Wednesday instead. I was on the road by 6:35. Which fresh air in my tires (thanks Paul!) and no laptop, I made good time, and breakfast. Leaving San Francisco, going up the Bayshore hill, I passed a tiny SF2G ride. I took an unfortunate detour through Menlo Park and they caught up. So, I passed them again on the final leg of the trip.


Thursday was Bike To Work Day, so I hauled myself out of bed and on the road for 6:15 and a 6:30 meet-up at Ritual. At least 50 people turned up for a easy and scenic commute. It was my first SF2G since Halloween last year; I'm still not a huge fan of group rides: there is an entirely different focus. We rolled in just before 10, missing breakfast.


I had to make a quick stop at the drugstore to buy new insoles for my shoes. So, I left my apartment with my bike, waved to the 9:45 bus pulling out of the stop and rode down to Polk St. I passed the bus in front of City Hall and made it to the Civic Centre stop before it. Breakfast was long over by the time I showed up at work.
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