jbdeboer (jbdeboer) wrote,


I decided to be productive today: I cleaned, I set up my workstation and booted my file server. I taped my wireless gateway to the window so the whole world can share. The tape didn't hold and it fell down. No worries, I taped it back up using twice as much tape. Walking out of the kitchen, I tripped over the phone cable running to the gateway.

I investigated moving it, so I took the covers off my phone jacks and poked around to see if there was a better place for the gateway in the apartment. The short answer was no. I replaced the jacks and continued cleaning.

I went to check the Internet for the best way to clean my walls. No Internet. I untaped the gateway so I could see the blinky lights. The DSL light was blinking red. That is bad. According to the AT&T tech support (not bad, btw), they can't see my modem; they are sending somebody on Tuesday.

So, LJ friends, what in my story caused my DSL connection to stop working?
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