jbdeboer (jbdeboer) wrote,

March 25.

/LiveJournal is emo/

(I may have previously discussed this, sorry)

Paperwork is stressing me out. I should have just hired somebody to take care of the paperwork: a lawyer, an accountant, a dude to fill out rebate forms. But hiring people to fix my problems seems wasteful (although economically it makes sense), so I'll continue to stress.

A couple months ago, I read Basic Black, by Kathy Black. It was a career advice book written by a New York publishing executive targeting women. I would have never bought it, but it showed up on my SFPL hold list, so I read it.

My first response was "Wow, I am glad I'm not in that industry": publishing interns are typically unpaid and you are expected to work for decades to get to where you want to be and everything is dictated by personal relationships. Her advice was "be focused on yourself and make sure you are wearing the latest designer outfits". Terrible advice, but she likely filed her taxes February 1.
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