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The day after Lloydminster I started down Hwy 16 towards Edmonton after the morning rain had cleared. In typical Alberta fashion, the road was overbuilt, fast and full of oversized pickup trucks. Being overbuilt, there was enough space for everybody, so the traffic left me alone. However, it was still a far cry from the grid roads in Saskatchewan.

Wanting something a little quieter, I turned off onto a range road. After about 50 feet, mud had collected between my wheels and fenders, bringing the bicycle to a halt. I spent the next half hour poking my knife around the fenders trying to free the wheel. Through the rest of Alberta, I stuck to pavement.

My coding work feels a lot like that right now -- it looks easy, but as soon as I get started, ten things appear to block any progress I am attempting to make. It is stressful: work has deadlines; transversing Alberta did not.

I went climbing three times in the past week. Scaled a couple 5.10Bs; I am improving.

Wednesday, I skipped work in the morning and biked to Mountain View. It was the first time I did it in just shorts and a t-shirt; that and a freshly oiled chain made for a quick ride. Also, for the first time, I took the Bayshore/Third St interchange. All the bike routes from San Francisco to the peninsula go out of the way and up crazy hills to avoid the interchange -- it looks like a messy freeway on/off ramp, but it is actually [legally] bikable. The motorists, however, think it is part of the freeway and gave me no respect at all. A few simple signs would solve that problem; in the mean time, I will continue to avoid the area before dawn.

Friday was Critical Mass. A nice night with happy people. I still find it amazing how trapped motorists are in the road system. A BMW, driven by a girl on her cell phone, was sitting at an intersection waiting to cross Market. When her light turned green, she sat on her horn. When her light turned red, she stopped.

Saturday, I struggled out of bed for the EFAP distribution. This month, people again lined up around the block to collect one can of pears, one jar of peanut butter and one kilo of rice.

And perhaps the biggest news of the week:

Following Al Gore's plan, I am half way to saving the planet: I replaced my old lightbulbs with CFLs. At fifty cents a bulb, they were heavily subsidized* by PG&E. Next, I will look into buying a hybrid car! (* The money comes from the "public good" line on my hydro bill).
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