jbdeboer (jbdeboer) wrote,

My fridge

In my super awesome apartment, the only thing I have plugged in all the time is my refrigerator.

I would love to disconnect it and live off the grid; but then my milk would go bad even faster than it does now.

Instead, I devised a plan to run a series of experiments on ways to reduce the fridge's energy consumption. Ideas included filling the empty space with Styrofoam and freezing ice in the freezer then letting it melt in the fridge.

First, I needed a control run. I purchased a KillAWatt hydro meter off the Internet and set my fridge to the typical, lowest, setting.

Control Run:
172 hours
8.47 kWh used

kWh/day: 0.96

I currently spend about $0.10/day on my refrigerator. Spoiled milk is costing me more than electricity; instead of running fridge experiments, I should bake more often.
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