February 28th, 2009



What are you giving up for Lent?

@Hugyrl17: 'thinking about my future wedding'
@scotteatsbread: 'unhealthy foods'
@antic: 'Facebook'
@trentgillaspie: 'swear words'
@tayobrien: 'onion bagels in the morning' THANK YOU Tay!
@pnuttro: 'Meat'
@cnirel: 'alcoholic beverages' BUT not alcoholic foods, whew.
@jessicaa: 'fast food'
@j3nn1e: 'Ben and Jerrys'
@kimberleedawgg: 'MySpace'
@newledge 'gettin' jiggy wit' it'
@Eukadanz: 'retweeting'
@do_art: 'coffee'
@marcusbaney: 'pants' AHHH.
@eBeth: 'starbucks'
@fivehundy: 'Catholicism'
@PeepGameBitches: 'sex'
@lyneka: 'the term "blogging"'
@itsmeamanda: 'my debit card'
@TajesMahoney: 'speaking'
@mauldwright: 'knitting'
@01casey: 'illegal downloading'
@beccybags: 'giving up'
@Politwitt: 'watching liberal news media'
@Pezdro 'murder'
@guruofnew: 'Social Media'
@snoutsparkle: 'carbon' COUGH, oh, the misinformed.
@ronbailey: 'my innocence'
@zhautelawx3: 'procrastinating'
@alchahest: 'taters'
@atxryan: 'shaving'
@EricaNurney: 'shopping'
@kinhart: 'the snooze button'

And @Patrick_Donohue 'my girlfriend convinced me to give up something else for Lent... welcome back twitter'